Monday, April 1, 2013

Out like a lamb

The kids had spring break last week, and I had big dreams. We would staycation! Relax, enjoy! The weather would be beautiful, the cherry blossoms would bloom, the house would stay clean, the children would get along...

Monday arrived, along with 5 inches of snow. On Tuesday, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection which by Wednesday reached my stomach, and knocked me out for the rest of the week. By Wednesday afternoon the house was a category 5 disaster. I think it actually smelled, although my sense of smell was gone, so that is pure speculation. To add to the fun, we lost the TV remote, cutting off access to Netflix (we don't have cable), and leaving the kids to work out for themselves whose turn it was to use the iPod Touch. Think Hunger Games, minus the hunger part, as they had also managed to gain unfettered access to the Costco stash of goldfish.

In an attempt to minimize the damage Jack, bless him, missed two days of work and was Superman, juggling all housework and childcare while I slept around the clock.  Between the two of us, we did manage to get the kids out of the house once a day.






As I spent the rest of my time in bed, I dreamed about Easter. 

On Easter, the disappointment of the week would be behind us. By Easter, the antibiotic would take effect, and my energy would be back. On Easter, the house would be restored to order, and so would the kids. I envisioned scrubbing them clean, dressing them up, and watching them discover their basket treasures. They would delight in their egg hunt, and forget all the times during the week I lost my patience with them.  Easter would make everything better. 

And then I thought, isn't that true?

This Easter morning, more than most, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my Savior. The laments of my week were so trivial, but I knew that even they were included in His sacrifice. He is the answer to every disappointment, and the source of every happiness. I imagined His resurrection, and I imagined being with my family forever, and I was happy.

I'm also thankful for Jack's sister Elise, who stepped in like an angel and filled the kids Easter baskets to the brim. We adore Elise.

Happy Easter!

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