Sunday, March 22, 2020

Socially Distant Sundays

What a week.

One of the strangest adjustments for me has been the feeling of days running together. I've always thrived on routine. There are certain things I do on certain days so that Mondays feel like Mondays and Fridays feel like Fridays, etc. 

But now, with Jack working from home, school canceled and the rest of life suspended, it's been disorienting to not be able to instinctively tell what day or time it is, or whether I should be in pants or pajamas. 

But then mercifully, Sunday arrives. 

Sundays have always felt different, but lately especially so. After an entire week that felt like one giant day, I wake up on Sunday and turn off the news. Jack closes his laptop. The boys unplug Fortnite (who are we kidding, I unplug Fortnite). We fix our hair and change into our nicest clothes. 

On Sunday we're given the gift of being able to set aside everything in the world that overwhelms us. Instead we pray and Eddie leads us in songs that admittedly sound terrible, but have beautiful lyrics nonetheless. We read the kids stories from the scriptures, and talk about all the reasons we have to feel joy and hope for the future. 

Tomorrow it will start again, that feeling of wading through a MonTueWednesday. But for now I feel renewed and ready to face it, knowing that hard as things get there will always be easy, like Sunday morning. 

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