Tuesday, April 27, 2010

School Record

She looks innocent, doesn't she?

That's what we thought.

Then last week, we received a letter in the mail from her school, informing us that our kindergartener was habitually truant, and in violation of Education Code 48260.

According to the principal, who signed the notice, Jolie's attendance is so deficient, that if we "continue to fail to meet (our) obligation, (we) will be guilty of an infraction of the law, and subject to prosecution pursuant to Education Code 48290-48296."

And then, she levied the following shocking allegations:

Four days. With family. Egregious!

Thank goodness for that notice. Reading it caused us to realize that we're about to move three thousand miles away from family. We responded by pulling Jolie out of school for two more days to go to Redlands and play with her cousins.

If having a 5-year old habitual truant is wrong,

We do not want to be right.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


When Leah enters a room, it is usually at full speed and full volume. So when she approached me today slowly and with her head down, I knew something was up.

Sure enough, there was an entire wad of gum mashed into her bangs.

I figured the poor thing must be terrified to fess up. So, I took mercy and knelt down to her level.

"Leah, is there something you want to say?"


"What is it?"

"I need more gum."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Say Yes to the (*Easter) Dress

Every spring, my mom sends the girls Easter dresses. When I called and asked her to describe what she chose this year, she said:

"I'm not saying that Leah's is over the top. But I would suggest that you call the ward music director and request that the opening hymn on Easter Sunday be the wedding march."

And Jolie. Always the Easter bridesmaid, never the bride.

Thank you Susan! Although technically the dresses weren't free. In exchange, we are required to provide a picture of the grandkids on Easter day.

Payment, in full:

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