Sunday, July 18, 2010

D See

We made it! We're living in a hotel, but by all accounts, we are home.

Jolie snapped this picture of us on our first trip to the National Mall.

It was my first-ever visit. No matter how many times you’ve seen the Capitol or Washington Monument in pictures, nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse in person. As soon as we stepped off the Metro and caught sight of the view, I had to stop and catch my breath (granted, I was being suffocated by the stifling humidity, but either way), I cried, and felt overwhelmingly proud and grateful to be an American.

We have learned so much this week. We visited the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and learned that it ain’t all that big. We also learned that a Saturday afternoon in mid-July is not the best time to visit a Smithsonian. The poor kids think its central exhibit is one called “Horde of Sweaty Tourists.” We’re looking forward to enjoying the off season.

The rest of our week has been spent house hunting, and familiarizing ourselves with the area. I still don’t know why Virginia is for Lovers, but I am loving northern Virginia. I can’t get enough of the history, the architecture and the giant trees. The concept of deer prancing through suburban neighborhoods however, is going to take some getting used to (we’ve seen two), as is the sight of children playing lacrosse (we’ve seen several).

Fortunately, we have a month before work and school begin to explore and get our bearings. If you’ve been to DC and have a favorite site to visit or place to eat, please recommend!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ready or Not

Since leaving Santa Barbara, we have been busy visiting friends & family along the west coast, and eating all the Mexican food we can get our hands on (rumor has it they don't speak enchilada back east.) On Tuesday morning, we fly to DC.

Packing up the kids' clothes has made me realize how very west coast we are. Cal's wardrobe, for instance, consists entirely of board shorts, surfing designs, Quicksilver logos, etc.

Worried we might look out of place when we arrive at our nation's capitol, I picked up a few things this week to help us blend in with the locals.

Thank goodness for my foresight, and for after-holiday sales. Otherwise we might look ridiculous.

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