Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Essential Eddie

Our Eddie Jack is six months old.

To commemorate, here are six things you should know about him.

(1) He is lucky to have lived this long

Because I am constantly tempted to eat him alive

(2) His arms never stop moving 

When I showed my mom this picture, she asked if he's ever become airborne

(3) He earns his keep

I left the broom out one morning, and while I was busy with the other kids he grabbed it from his Johnny Jumper and got to work.

Honestly, I don't know what was more amusing - The sight of him cleaning, or of the other three collapsing in giggles when we walked in and discovered him.

(4) He's tight with his cousin Mack 

Here they are at their first slumber party

Grandma Susan's moniker: Fannie Mae & Eddie Mack

(5) He's in a hurry to grow up

He refuses to lie down in his bouncy seat (like a baby), but rather insists on sitting up (like a man)

So I dress him in a lot of infantile yellow jammies. Just to keep him in his place.

(6) Last but not least

He can do this.


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