Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chronicles of Two

Today was Eddie's birthday. I took a picture before he woke up, never wanting to forget the way he points his butt in the air when he sleeps, then had the thought to take a picture every hour on the day he turned two. If I can't slow down time, I can at least try to capture it.


















Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When Cousins Get Together

When cousins get together - 

They ride roller coasters and Ferris wheels 
Play sardines and eat good meals 

Sing Happy Birthday to Hallie Kay
Bowl at the alley and play the arcade 

They run through the snow and slide down the stairs
They go to the mall to dress teddy bears

Gather supplies to make arrows and bows
Perform magic tricks and paint their toes 

They jump high on the trampoline
Then ring in two thousand fourteen

Stay up all night
and never fight

Dance with a horse
(that's me, of course)

Host the perfect New Years bash
Then set up a store to earn some cash

Have slumber parties in their room
Sing Frozen songs and Rainbow Loom

They sit together on a pew
And then they visit BYU

Share secrets, candy, and even clothes
Perform in family talent shows  

And when it's over, all of them cry

Thank goodness we'll be back for the 4th of July

'Twas the Week of Christmas

'Twas the week of Christmas 
in the Valley of the Sun
And the Erbs were all gathered
for tradition and fun

The air was warm
the sun was bright
The house adorned 
with holiday light

Grandpa Jack bought toy cars
which we drove to the park
Grandma D baked her pies
and we stayed up past dark

Presents, stockings, and toys
There was so much to do
We make cookies for Santa
We read from Luke II

The children were spoiled
And loved, and adored
Football was played
And touchdowns were scored 

And so we exclaimed
as we drove out of sight
That Christmas in Arizona 
was such a delight!

A Brother Like No Other

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