Friday, April 17, 2009

Found Cal sleeping like this today. It's the first time he's been called out of bounds.

* I realize this makes 2 posts in a row related to his feet. Clearly, it's been a slow news week.


Lorie said...

Or it could be that his feet are just so cute you have to blog about them!

I am assuming that Patrice is getting married in AZ? And if she is I hope that we get to meet little Cal next month!

Susan said...

Cutest "out of bounds" ever! Next time show his face so we can see an "illegal dribble".

Leslie said...

Well, he does have some pretty cute feet.

Ben/Davie had/have those same socks. (Yeah for hand-me-downs!) I am also obsessed with baby socks. To go along with the baby shoes.

Flem said...

So are you anticipating a life full of out of bounds?

Aileen said...

With Jack as his dad it would be fun to discipline using referee calls.

-Disruptive behavior during sacrament ? Ejection!

-Pooping in the bathtub? Illegal Procedure!

-Someday he'll moon his sisters to get a reaction. Illegal Crack!

I wonder how many personal fouls Leah has been guilty of. I can clearly remember all her assaults on me at age 6 months. That was HILARIOUS!

Laura Stringham said...

Those socks are the best. It makes me wonder why one earth I don't have any for Charlie.

Becky said...

Love it! He is pretty young to already be trying to escape the crib.

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