Thursday, July 2, 2009

You should give him liquor

This is my to-do list from last week, straight from my Franklin Covey:

To Do:

swimming lessons a hair appointment a upload photos a order Cal’s birth certificate a finish/ship bows a start packing a primary meeting a birthday thank yous a maritime museum w/ Lee a PAC meeting refreshments a return library books a call Natalie a plan picnic a book Jack’s flight a cake contest a finish sharing time a
schedule visiting teaching

This is my to-do list from this week:

To Do:

Cal is teething.

I cut the video to 6 seconds (you're welcome). If you're interested in a more realistic glimpse of my week you can play it on repeat. All day. On full volume. At night, download it onto your iPod and program the alarm to wake you to it about every 3 hours.

Poor little boy. And boy, am I tired.

A man at the Cotsco food court asked me if he was teething. When I said yes, he said, "You should give him liquor."

I was about to crack a lame joke ("someone should give his mommy liquor"), but was afraid he might actually take me up on it. To be honest, I think the guy might have been "teething" himself.

Still, he had good intentions. I just prefer infant remedies that don't involve me getting carded...Suggestions?


Laura Stringham said...

Weird comments from men is what you get hanging out in the Costco food court ;)

(Too bad I spend a great deal of my free time hanging out there too)

I have been giving Charlie cups of "crunchy ice" aka "movie theater ice" aka "Sonic ice". It seems to work better than anything else. I feel your pain. Good luck. And now I want ice.

Alison said...

i'm going to write a book someday when i have time... it is going to be about all the AMAZING things that come out of the mouths of Costco shoppers. Seriously, what happens to cause this phenom?

Jane said...

I am looking forward to hearing that all day, every day for two weeks. I really am. I will give happily give you a break, even at 3 in the morning. When I watch that video all I do is smile and laugh, I acutally wish you had posted the longer version.

Rileigh Anne said...

tylenol, a lot of tylenol

Lorie said...

Run away from home?

Rileigh Anne said...

Nyquil also works.

Rileigh Anne said...

oh yeah that was ben not rileigh

krissiecook said...

Cut up a new sponge into small pieces, soak the pieces in water and freeze. Let Cal chew away. Also, frozen peas.

Jeannie said...

Poor kid. Poor you. I have no advice, just sympathy. And commiseration: my time will soon be at hand.

Flem said...

Graham Crackers.

That is what we give meg. They disintegrate fast but seem to give a moment of relief. Then again, she might just like the sugar.

Sorry to both of you.

Oh and my grandpa used to always tell us to rub a little rum on the gums but I never quite could bring myself to do it. Also we have never owned rum.

Allison Hansen said...

That's funny because my mother in law tried to get me to administer whiskey! When I refused, she showed me Michael's pediatric diary in which his own baby doctor prescribed whiskey for teething!!! I still didn't do it. Tylenol was my friend. And my sister in law swears by those teething tablets. Good luck!

Leslie said...

I don't envy you. Furthermore, I am filled with dread knowing that it is only a matter of time until I have to deal with a teething baby myself. Boo.

Emmers said...

Some old guy at Albertson's told me the same thing but he said, "You gotta give her liquor...but you gotta give her the good kind." Totally serious. The wife said, "She wouldn't know the difference, she's just a baby."

ORAJEL is a better option.

Courtney Vance said...

Oh baby! I don't think you want to ask me, I give my dog benadryl when he's out of control and barks all night. No seriously, if it were me, I would get some of those teething tablets slather some orajel all over a really cold teething ring and let him go to town. If that doesn't work, tell the kids mommy needs a time out and go to the gas station and just get a small bottle of whiskey for yourself. Your a small girl, you won't need much. Hope he's feeling better soon:)

senategirl said...

I'm dealing with teething too. Sometimes the baby wakes up every 45 minutes and she hasn't even cut a tooth yet. I have been losing my marbles! I go between to things. For instant relief Baby Orajel. I also really like Gripe Water (found at Whole Foods etc) it is all NATURAL and is for colicky babies, gas, teething and upset stomachs. Good luck!

courtney said...

ok, that video is hilarious (i mean, to me. i'm sure you could have a different take on it). it's exactly like sirius black in the wanted posters in harry potter 3, when he screams in left profile, then he screams face forward, then he screams in right profile, then he screams face forward, and so on. i love it!

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