Monday, October 29, 2012


We are all home today, bunkering down for the hurricane. School has been canceled, and Jack gets to stay in as well, as all “nonessential federal employees” have been ordered out of DC. Thank goodness economists are considered nonessential! (says the nation 16 trillion dollars in debt)

We've set up a tent in the front room for the kids to play and sleep in, as it’s the only area of our house not surrounded by gigantic old trees that tend to fall over in storms and kill your babies. I'm confident we'll be safe here, and comforted by the fact that we're stocked up on gas, water and Halloween candy.

So, before the pounding tonight that will likely knock out our power, I thought I would dip into the supply of mini Snickers, and upload our Halloween pictures from the weekend.

My babies do love Halloween. So much, that they grow fangs in October.

Cal, 2009

Eddie, 2012

Jolie does not have fangs, but at the rate she's dropping teeth it's only a matter of time. She wanted to dress as a popstar with purple hair. 

Leah, a doctor. With purple hair. 

If I had a crystal ball that could see into their futures, I think it would tell me they got their careers switched. And I mean that in the most encouraging way.

And finally, the boys

Throw up the bat signal! Someone just ran off with my heart!

They've been living in those costumes for about a week now. The customers at Costco have never felt so safe. 

Though they are most in their element when cruising the Batmobile. Thank you Chrissy Warner for the car!


And thank you Aunt Jane for the idea, and Kerry Reeves for showing us how it's done (It takes a village to raise superheroes!)

And speaking of superheroes, Jack carved our pumpkins into the shapes two of our favorites. 

Happy Halloween! Keep safe east coast friends! 

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