Monday, March 24, 2008

Three Easter Bunnies

My parents told me from the get go that the Easter Bunny isn't real, like Santa Clause is real. The hidden eggs and baskets full of toys and candy? That was ALL Mom and Dad.
This year, for our family, the work of the Easter Bunny was done by three...
Jolie & Leah's beautiful dresses were a gift from Jack's dad, who is always surprising us with things that make life happy. He picked them out himself and we LOVE them!
My brother's wife Dawn surprised us with complete, darling Easter baskets for the girls! Even from their beautiful new home by the mountains, it looks like she & Jeff can still remember what it was like to be struggling graduate students. That's kindness!

Since my morning (afternoon, evening) sickness began we've been living with my sister Aileen's family. The girls are in their glory, and I am essentially removed from all duties. While I spend my days trying to keep food down, they get to float through the Neverland that is their backyard - Tree house, slide, zip line, tents, toys, picnics...Heaven.

Make that four Easter Bunnies. It's sweet, the way her confidence belies how ridiculous she looks.

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