Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It took some courage, I have to say, to drive for a few weeks in such a liberal area with this on the back of our car.

The sign in our kitchen window didn't exactly win us friends, either.

This morning we quietly took down our sign and peeled away our bumper sticker, but not before Jack snapped this picture.

I love this picture.

When the girls are older, I think it can teach them something about taking a stand, and about being peculiar.

Because as 'popular' rapidly changes,

but our beliefs don't,

I imagine there will be plenty of instances when they feel quite peculiar.

Peculiar, Leah, is a good thing. You don't have to hang your head in shame.


Dawn said...

The cutest photo! Yea! I'm so happy it passed. You did good!

Susan said...

So proud of your courage and all the work your family did on prop.8!
Love the picture!

Jane said...

Awesome. Perfectly writen.

Lorie said...

I had not one but two signs taken from our yard. We didn't have quite the same opposition here though.

I heard on the news they are protesting quite a bit there today.

Good for you for being brave! And the picture is gorgeous!

Kristin said...

We got Obama... fine, whatever, he's not the anti-Christ. BUT I AM SO GLAD prop 8 and 102 passed. If they hadn't, I would have gone straight to my bishop to re-assess my "ready-for-the-second-coming" status.

Jeannie said...

That is an awesome picture. Leah, I've felt like that many a day during the last 2 weeks. Not shamed, but definitely weary. I'm grateful the election is over, but it's certainly not the end. If it's not more of this it will surely be another. But I'll continue to press onward, peculiar beliefs firmly grounded.

Aileen said...

What is it about Leah in those pig tails looking down? A precious moment captured!

Alison said...

Amazing picture... love it!

quesetescapa said...

Did you do this in photoshop? Nice colorizing technique!

Svancara Family said...

i wish i had your courage! my mom tried for weeks to get us to put up a sign in our window....but the fact that we have "two men" living just steps away from our front window i chickened out. send some of that courage my way:)

Courtney Vance said...

I swear your kids should be little child models. Leah's expression describes how I feel about the presidential election.

Courtney Vance said...
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Emmers said...

I LOVE THAT PIC! I wish I had taken a pic like that. It's perfect. Maybe I'll have my chance again in 4 years.

theSTACEYJAY said...

What's "peculiar" to me is why someone would want to teach their two beautiful daughters (and handsome son--congrats!) that only certain citizens get all of their rights in this country, while others of us are still denied.

I have been a huge fan of your blog until now.

Katie said...


First of all, it is wonderful to hear from you. We have tried over the years to track you down, but never with any success. You were very missed at the 10-year reunion.

After your comment arrived, I spent some time looking through old photographs (a few of which I posted, just for fun). The memories gave me a good laugh (burying Sparky in the sand volleyball court, fighting crime on your parents’ golf course, senior trip tattoo parlor, Bousquet de Ceresas, and the like).

We appreciate you sharing with us your opinion on Proposition 8, and can certainly understand your perspective.

Jack & I love our gay friends. It has never been our intention to deny them their freedom of choice or constitutional protections. We support the California Family Code, which states that, by law, “domestic partners shall have the same rights, protections, and benefits as married spouses.”

No American should be denied their civil rights.

In our opinion, however, marriage is not a civil right, but rather a private, religious institution. For four judges to unilaterally overturn the established definition of marriage is, to us, a violation of the separation of church and state. We are opposed to the potential authority it gives government to regulate aspects of religious worship that we hold sacred, including marriage, the freedom to preach doctrine without restraint, the private adoption process, etc.

For us, this has never been about discrimination, and we are deeply saddened by the amount of hate that has emerged from the debate. It is our hope, and our hope for our children referenced in this post, that we can rise above the antagonism and maintain friendships in spite of political distinctions. In a phrase, we hope we can agree to disagree.

We have always valued your friendship and appreciate your respect for our diversity as well. We wish you all the best, treasure our memories together, and hope there can be more to come.

With Love,

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