Monday, November 3, 2008


When my dad passed away in 2002, I kept his briefcase.

Inside, I put his golf tees and baseball cards, a ceramic dish I made him in 2nd grade that he would put coins in after work, and his reading glasses. There's also book of New York Times crossword puzzles, one of Drabble comics (our favorite), a cassette tape of Harry Chapin songs he used to play on the guitar, and a single photograph -

Him holding a birthday cake topped with lighted candles, smiling.

Whenever I miss my dad, which is often, I sort through the briefcase and look at him holding his birthday cake.

On Saturday, November 1st,

my dad's birthday,

our first son was born.

I had the picture with me in the hospital. It was the first time in six years it had left the briefcase. I know that somehow, Grandpa Jim came along to share his cake with our boy. I know that he will every year as he grows up.

I love you Dad. Happy Birthday to both of you.
Calvin James
8 lb 8 oz
19 1/2 in
November 1, 2008
9:37 pm
Santa Barbara, CA

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