Sunday, March 8, 2009


At one point when we were younger, my sister Aileen adopted the word “raunch” to denote all things inappropriate (ie “You’re getting on my nerves” became, “Quit being such a raunch”)

Once when my sister Jane had (shall we say...) 'a less than cheerful disposition,' Aileen escalated the situation by suggesting Jane have a “Raunch-a-thon," wherein she could go door to door, asking neighbors to pledge a certain amount of money for each manifestation of her bad mood. According to Aileen, this could finance an entire summer vacation.

Personally, I thought the idea had some merit. But, Jane cheered up and we stopped shy of implementation.

(I’m getting somewhere.)

Earlier this week I was holding baby Cal, super busy falling in love with him. Jolie sat next to me and rubbed his bald little head.

(Jolie) “He’s so….righteous.”

“I know”

“Righteous means good.”


“And if you’re bad, you’re rauncheous.”



”Did Aunt Aileen teach you that?”


“Who taught you rauncheous?”

“My Primary teachers."

“Did they? Rauncheous?”


Fairly certain (though admittedly not positive) that “raunchous” appears nowhere in the CTR5 Manual, I asked a few follow up questions and realized that she was actually saying “wrongteous.”


Clever girl.

Choose the right = Righteous
Choose the wrong = Wrongteous

Why not?

It makes such sense that we've awarded "wrongteous" a permanent place in our family vernacular

Two days later, during a discussion on hitting Leah (which was prompted by Jolie hitting Leah), I asked, “Jolie, is hitting your sister righteous?” She wouldn’t look me in the eye. “No…..Wrongteous.”

I think this one might stick.


Brandy said...

Well I'm happy she pays attention in my primary class, but I don't quite remember the lesson I taught about being 'raunteous' or 'wrongteous'!!!! The wisdom of a 5 year old is priceless :)

Flem said...

Wrongeous. I hope gillian paid attention. Wicked has typically been the antithesis word at our place but I might like this better--less offensive and easier to admit.

Katie and Jeff said...

She is so smart! Making up words at five! We are so adopting wrongteous!

Jane said...

Man, if I could provide my family with a vacation today, I would be happy to start a raunch-a-thon. Thanks uh-aileen. Raunch fest 2000!!!

Jane said...

I LOVE that Jolie came up with wrongteous, too smart.

Laura Stringham said...

she is a smart girl. maybe we'll start using that one in our house seeing as how we also have a 4 year old girl that has a tendency to hit her sister.

Susan said...

When are you going to explain "ungrog" and "lasod" to the world?

I love Jolie's little mind!

Jeannie said...

A family legacy lives on. It doesn't get much better than this.

Love her logic!

We may have to incorporate this word into our vernacular!

Aileen said...

It is midnight and I have tears rolling down my face right now from laughter! Raunch! Oh Jolie, thanks for bringing it all back!!

Daneille said...

How do you not bust out laughing when you get a response like that last one? Oh, the secret life of mothers!
p.s. I've got one more Snuggie up for grabs. It goes to the first daughter/in-law to show up in Glendale to claim it. Although, I didn't really think of you when I ordered them. You tend, like me, to feel warmer than the average woman's internal thermostat allows. Poor Kristin sits there silently freezing to death every time she comes over. I had to show mercy.

Lorie said...

I love it! But I love raunchteous too! You might have to keep both of them!

Krista said...

I can't imagine Jane as being in any mood described as "raunchy." But, I was never her sister. Jolie is as smart as she is cute!

Julie Knowlton said...

I really can't picture Jane being a raunch. I mean, would you call someone a raunch if they wrote this:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hate you.


{That is one of my favorite stories of Jane}.

And I love that Jolie called Cal "righteous".

Brent, Lisa and Jordan Hall said...

Oh yes! Raunch is common word in our house. It usually pertains to our dog Maggie (whom we also call "smarmy"). Love the new vernacular!

Jenny Walker said...

Katie, I thought that Jolie and the "wrongeous" story was so cute and clever that I told Joshua about it. Instead of a chuckle he raised his eyebrows, widened his eyes and said, "I get it!" So this morning when we were driving past that new coffee shop, Zizzo's, Joshua pointed out the many police cars and officers outside drinking their coffee. "Those cops are bad", he said. I told him that just because you drink coffee doesn't necessarily mean you're bad. He replied, "Yeah, I guess they're just wrongeous." Very nice. :0)

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