Monday, August 10, 2009

Business & Pleasure

With graduation just around the corner, Jack has been all work and no play. Afraid this is making him a dull boy, he sent me and the girls to Utah to have lots of fun without him. Also, to launch our modeling careers.

First, the girls struck a pose for See Jane Shoot.

I tell you, that See Jane Shoot. She is the next big thing.

Not to be outdone, I then beat out countless hopefuls to be booked as a hand model for my sister-in-law Dawn's latest venture, Pink Honey Designs.

Dawn's work is exquisite. Check it out here.

I'm afraid all the attention has gone to my hand's head. Since the shoot, it has been demanding the most expensive lotions, nail polishes, insurance policies. It's probably a good thing the vacation ended at the ascent of our promising careers.

Plus, the kids sure missed their daddy.
And now we are pack. back. Back, and packing.

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