Monday, February 14, 2011

Pure Energy

This week Leah was given her first Church Primary assignment since sustaining a black eye while serving as the reverence child. We held our breath a little in anticipation of what Jack called, “Leah vs. Primary, Round II.”

The children are learning about the plan of happiness, so she was assigned to give a 1-minute talk entitled, “Jesus Christ created the earth for me.”

I am happy to report that, in spite of a few unintelligible phrases (please refer to subtitles), she pulled it off beautifully. It’s amazing what the spirit can do, especially when combined with the promise of an entire stick of gum.

After enjoying the moment (sigh), I started to think...I'm no physicist, but I understand enough about the laws of energy to know that Leah’s can't be destroyed. Just because she pulls off a peaceful primary talk, does not mean that the wild motion inside her has disappeared. It just means that it’s been stored away as potential motion, waiting for a suitable opportunity to manifest itself.

So I kept an eye on her during the rest of Sharing Time, but she was the perfect picture of reverence. During class she remained in her chair for the entire duration, munching goldfish crakers and listening intently to stories about Jesus. She was quiet on the ride home. She was calm during lunch.

But when it was time for Sunday naps, she was too restless to fall asleep. I could tell that potential energy was desperate to strike. But I fell asleep anyway.

And then she found a Sharpie. And she found her Valentines. And she addressed them.

and then she slept like a baby.


Amy Eagleston said...

I get the energy thing (George). We recently discovered melatonin before bed and it has completely changed our lives for the better. The short list of things George has done while I have taken a nap includes a frozen iPod and scissor scared leather dining chairs :)

Jeannie said...

It's a good thing she's your favorite.

And really, who can blame you?

Jane said...

That video made me miss her so much that I cried. I love her with all my heart!

Susan said...

Hmmm.... it looks like Leah knew all of those things except her vegetables! :-) Adorable video and story. Her artwork shows tremendous strength of line.

Susan said...

"Jesus made Leah PRECIOUS!"

Becca said...

As long as that was the extent of the sharpie....I think you got lucky!

Jenny ESP said...

Answer: Who is Information Society.

Energy makes Leah adorable and hilarious.

Lyndsi said...

That was the cutest talk ever! Glad the Sharpie didn't make it elsewhere - AND she slept! Good job, Mom!

Marci Coombs said...

OH.MY.GOSH!!!! How could you ever get mad at someone AS ADORABLE as her???? When London grows up {in a a few years} can she please be as cute as Leah???

Kristin said...

There she goes again, proving herself worthy of being Uncle Todd's fav. There's nothing Todd hates more than vegetables. SIGH.

I promise I try and stick up for Jolie and Cal! He asked, "Is it bad that when I go to visit them, I'm only taking Leah to the toy store?" ???! "Of course!" I said. He thinks it over. "Ok, well I'll take them all, but Leah's getting $10, and the rest of them get $5."

I really hope he doesn't play favorites with his own children. Imagine the poor kid that gets spurned because she eats vegetables like me...

Memzy said...

How old is Leah again? I'm thinking right about the time my boy gets off his mission she'll have a year of college under her belt. If this works for you I'll start making plans for their wedding.

Katie and Jeff said...

I would have her for my valentine any day! Simply adorable.

Leslie said...

Cutest primary talk ever. And I also have an overly "energetic" (we're using that word euphemistically, right?) preschooler. Ben most recently found scissors and hacked up the wool coat Cameron got me for Christmas. So I took the scissors and made his favorite Woody doll a double amputee. And then I felt guilty the rest of the day. (Sorry, I obviously needed to get that out.)

Flem said...

Oh Katie!

Love. LOVE. Here are my thoughts, in order:

1) The ladies in the ward= mucho intimidated by Leah's prepared mom and her cute hairbows.
2) Leah sounds so old now.
3) Was Jack recording on his phone during church--is that allowed?
4) Leah is adorable.
5) Your posts are far too infrequent.

Aileen said...

Cutest girl giving the cutest talk...EVER! I just saw this blog post today! I would have watched it 100 times by now had I seen it Monday. Hallie gave the talk on the same topic Sunday. The captions were awesome!!

Cathy Leavitt said...

So cute...our little granddaughter is giving her first talk in primary today. Wish I could be there.

Lara said...

Valentine defacer or not, she's about as cute as they come (as are the rest of your kids)!

Katie said...

Amy - iPod and leather dining chairs?? Sigh. Please forgive me for complaining about Valentines.

Jeannie - Just don't tell the others!

Jane - She's counting the days until she can stay up late and watch Real Housewives with you after the others are asleep.

Susan - Praise from my favorite artist!! She'll be so flattered!

Susan - He did! If only he made her FRAGILE too....

Becca - Isn't that the truth! (see above comment to Amy)

Jenny ESP - Yes! You win the prize! My Information Society cassette should arrive in about a week.

Lyndsi - Amen to that! I'll put up with anything that ends in a nap.

Marci - In a couple years, I think London will have us beat. In fact, I'm pretty sure she already has.

Kristin - Did NOT make the vegetable connection! Todd is welcome to spend more on Leah at the toy store, but he should probably keep hush about the inheritance.

Memzy - Yes, but I'm going to need you to promise two of your boys, instead of just one. I can already see the catfight between her & Jolie, and it isn't pretty.

Katie - I love seeing Jeff's name in your comments. When Leah read this she assumed HE wanted her as his Valentine, and was totally flattered.

Leslie - AMAZING. I think I need a picture of dismembered Woody. Better yet, I think Laura needs to blog it.

Flem (3) - It was a dress rehearsal!

Aileen - I would rather have seen Hallie's talk than Leah's, I miss her THAT much. Bring your Flip cam to church if Robinson is ever asked to play his tuba in sacrament meeting.

Cathy - I hope the talk went well! You need to have her parents sneak and tape hers too. :)

Lara - Thank you!! As are YOURS!

Aunt Marilyn said...

I love your blogs!!!!!!

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