Sunday, February 10, 2013

Praise to the man

Every week after church, we ask the kids for a report on what they learned.

This was our conversation today with Cal, CTR 4


Me: Cal, what did you learn about in class? 

Cal: Joseph Smith

Me: Great! And what did you learn about him?

Cal: Someone cut his leg open with a knife.

Me: Oh, that's true. But what else did you learn?

Cal: And then they took out the bone

Me: OK. But what other things did you talk about? 

Cal: Then they took a spoon, and they scooped out all the bad stuff.

Me: Anything else?

Cal: He was screaming 


Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but it did explain the picture he colored. 

(Anyone wondering what on earth Cal is talking about, can see HERE)


Heather said...

This seriously made me laugh out loud!! Cal and my Caleb would surely be the best of friends!

Susan said...

Oh the mind of a 4 year old. LOVE HIM!

Jo said...

Love so much. What they remember and find important. We would be rich if we compiled all these things into a book.

Lorie said...

Seriously, he is so dang cute!!!! And the green face is awesome! I think he should get to give the lesson for Family Home Evening tomorrow!

Jane said...

Hahaha, Oh, how I love that boy!!

Kristin said...

Future surgeon! We used to watch the Living Scriptures animated version of Joseph Smith growing up, and that scene is definitely what I remember most vividly about that movie. Now I know why I went medical! I never put two and two together until today. Guess JS is more inspirational than I realized.

Anonymous said...

Oh the joy that kid brings into a room! Doing Cak impressions around our house is our very favorite thing to do as he provides much material! The other day Ross was doing the "Ben Hur" impression

Lisa said...

Is that Cal's professional medical opinion of what gangrene looks like? Makes me even more committed to never experiencing it.

krissiecook said...

I'm going to make a prophecy on the record that Cal's favorite Book of Mormon hero will be Ammon.

Jenny Walker said...

Last week Alex and I were substitute teachers in Sunbeams. We gave the regular lesson then decided to show one of our Living Scriptures videos. I grabbed the Joseph Smith case thinking it was just about the first vision, but it started off with Joseph Smith and the leg incident. The poor little kids were wide-eyed and quiet the whole time. Oops! I wonder what they told their parents. ;)

Julie Knowlton said...

I am not lying when I tell you that on that same Sunday when I asked Beau about his lesson, he could only tell me how Joseph Smith hurt his leg. So I told Beau that when we are disobedient, our legs will be cut off. #followtheprophet

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