Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to you, who is truer than true

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! From Jolie, Leah, Cal & Eddie
Hard to believe you're 109 already!  

We wanted to thank you for all of your rhymes
We've read them a hundred, no, thousands of times

We've counted Ten Apples on Top, just like you
We practice our sounds when your Mr. Brown Moos

We eat Green Eggs and Ham, and sometimes with cheese
We cheer for The Lorax when he speaks for the trees

We study our placemaps, just so we'll know
What you mean when you say, Oh the Places You'll Go! 

We laugh when the Grinch puts on Santa disguises
And wipe tears from our eyes when his heart grows three sizes

We hear whos like Horton, and still we don't stop!
When Dad comes home from work, we Hop on our Pop!

And so to pay tribute, and show that we care
We woke early this morning, and we slicked up our hair

Cal put on a hat like the cat that you drew
And the girls picked out dresses like Cindy Lou Who

And then, off we went to proudly declare
That we're grateful for you, and the joy that you share!


Susan said...

Katie, I think you are extraordinary!
I said what I meant and I meant what I said, a mother is honest one hundred percent!

Lorie said...

I want to be like you when I grow up!! Even though I think I might be older than you? Maybe not? Did jack marry a younger woman?

Anonymous said...

Katie I will be reading and smiling at this poem you wrote all day. Talk about cute and CLEVER. Stop the Press!!!!!! this needs to be published in the DC paper

Emily said...

I agree 100% with Aileen.

Your kids are so darling!!

Alison said...

Every day I say to myself... "Don't cry that it (babysitting my beloved Foutzes) is over. Smile because it happened."

Marilyn said...

Katie.......You've done it again!! Love it!!!!

Cathy Leavitt said...

Love it! Did you have green eggs and ham for breakfast?

Kristin said...

Stop it right now. Those kids, and a poem with perfect rhyming rhythm? I just love you.

Daneille said...

You are simply amazing! That is so wonderful. I just can't stop thinking about how lucky I am to have you as a daughter-in-law, but especially that my grandkids have you as their mother! And, BTW, when it's International Day at school and you need hairdos to go with the China dresses, you've pretty much got it nailed already. Just add a few bangles, beads, and feathers and they're good to go. I just hope the dresses will still fit.

Julie Knowlton said...

This is so great. Katie Erb has become one of my favorite writers. In fact, I have my Top 5 Katie quotes framed by my bed.

Heather said...

SO CUTE!! How do you do it all?

Julianne said...

Oh my goodness gracious.

Jen Garbett said...

SO CUTE!! I want to know how you got the braids to stand up???

Jeannie said...

Brilliant! So very clever. But how in the world did you get their hair to defy gravity like that?? You are one awesome mom!

Katie said...

Hi Jen & Jeannie! Floral wire! :) Risky but effective.

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