Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We got a lot of mileage out of Halloween this year. Ward trunk or treat, town parade, town party, gymnastics party, class parties, preschool party, trick or treating at the Air & Space Museum, ACTUAL trick or treating...Make it stop!

Jack & I only wore our costumes once. Then, not coincidentally, he went and bought himself a new set of golf clubs.  

When I asked Jolie what she wanted to be, she said, "Kind of like a pop star...but a zombie...who sings...and!"

Frankenstar! The new German word for this - 

When I asked Leah what she wanted to be, she said, 


Cal, proud gun owner. Eddie, proud Redskins fan. Me, proud mom. 


Becca said...

So Cute!!

Julianne said...

"Written by Katie at 5:36am" ARE YOU SERIOUS??? You amaze me and I love your kids SO much.

Lisa said...

You guys are a breath of fresh air for the Beltway. "From my cold, dead hands" (Charlton Heston) + unapologetic Redskins fans.

I love that your kiddos get to choose their costumes and Jack has no choice. Just as it should be. Just as it should be.

Kristin said...

Laughing at what Lisa said. I love all of them. How I WISH you guys could have showed for the first annual Erb family Halloween party. It would have felt so much more authentic knowing at any moment, you could turn around to see Mr. Pinocchio Nose hovering over your shoulder!

Susan said...

Love everyone's costumes!!

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