Wednesday, January 8, 2014

'Twas the Week of Christmas

'Twas the week of Christmas 
in the Valley of the Sun
And the Erbs were all gathered
for tradition and fun

The air was warm
the sun was bright
The house adorned 
with holiday light

Grandpa Jack bought toy cars
which we drove to the park
Grandma D baked her pies
and we stayed up past dark

Presents, stockings, and toys
There was so much to do
We make cookies for Santa
We read from Luke II

The children were spoiled
And loved, and adored
Football was played
And touchdowns were scored 

And so we exclaimed
as we drove out of sight
That Christmas in Arizona 
was such a delight!


Kristin said...

I am loving all your poetry! And your family just seems to have non-stop fun when it comes to spending time with cousins and extended family! How wonderful! Love all the pictures! Kids look so happy! No wonder you love going "home" so much!

Lisa said...

Poor Clement Clarke Moore. If he weren't so very very dead I'd suggest he sue for emotional distress caused by your ability to borrow his poetic style and produce a much more enjoyable and enthralling poem.

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