Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cousin Club Minutes

Don't let the playful pictures fool you - When the Foutz cousins get together, it is serious business. Within minutes of arriving at our summer gathering, and after eleven hours in the car, my kids were crowded around the kitchen table with the others - pens in hand, and official Cousin Club notebooks opened before them. Votes were proposed, hands raised, officers nominated, and an agenda set in place.

Every decision was unanimous, including wording of the official pledge:

Fortunately, not a moment of critical planning time had to be wasted on wardrobe decisions, as Grandma Susan presented each of them with a shirt, which she designed herself. 

(missing Robinson, who was at camp and joined us later!)

A close up....

Though not a member of the Cousin Club myself, I offered to serve as Historian, and did my best to capture the memories made as they went about their official business.

I therefore present the following minutes for approval, and propose they be added to the permanent Cousin Club record.


Cousin Club's Summer 2014 session was called to order on July 6th at approximately 6:30 pm MST. 

Venue: West Jordan, Utah, at the homes of the Basingers and Grandma Susan. In addition, various remote meetings were held at Jump and Bounce, Gardner Village, The Chocolate, neighborhood pool and splash pad, movie theater, and Park City Mountainside Resort. 

Roll Call: Participation was unanimous, as all seventeen descendants of Jim and Susan were able to gather as "Cousins United" - Robinson, Hallie, James, Isabella, Anna Kate, Alexandra, Julia, Jolie, Sofie, Ava, Adalie, Leah, Reed, Calvin, Clark, Mack and Eddie.

Expenditures: While some budget allocations were deemed necessary for outings such as Park City and favorite Utah eateries, entertainment was largely free, and included: Producing and starring in YouTube videos, playing Monopoly, planning talent show acts, watching classic movies with Grandma Susan, making balloon animals, and hosting a homespun backyard carnival. 

Visiting Dignitaries: This year's special guests included Elsa from Arendelle, Leonardo and Michelangelo from the sewer, Robinson as his Scottish alter ego, the Chick Fil-A cow, and James posing as a 3-foot man incapable of brushing his own teeth. 

Injury Report: Aside from a few minor incidents related to wrestling matches and jumping off 33-foot high diving platforms, injuries were minimal, though a few cases of gagging were reported during our traditional Jelly Belly challenge. For the most part however, the cousins are to be commended for ensuring one another's well being. One afternoon in fact, while the moms were out shopping, Jane received a text from from 7-year old Ava that read, "Mom is it time for Leah to put on her eye patch?" 

Cleanup efforts: Frequently necessary.

Closing Ceremonies: Were replete with hugs, tears and fist bumps, though briefly delayed by an attempt by Mack and Eddie to stowaway together in a suitcase. 

Adjournment: It is proposed that Cousin Club adjourn, until its subsequent gathering.

Which is never soon enough. 

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