Tuesday, July 29, 2014

San Diego

There is nothing better than spending time with Jack's family, except maybe spending time with Jack's family in San Diego. I have looked forward to this trip for a year, and it was everything I dreamed. Beautiful weather enjoyed, beautiful memories made, and so much fun laughing, relaxing, swimming, sand castling, playing catch and Legolanding, that it only took the men about half a day to scrape themselves up off the ground after loosing to Belgium.

Maybe a full day, but still!

Special thank you to Kristin for capturing the happy moments below. To ensure proper credit, please note that the out of focus pictures were taken by me. The rest are hers.


Kristin said...

The one of you and J embracing with the kids dancing around you on the beach?! Unreal. Blow it up. Frame it. So perfect.

Daneille said...

Yes, I do love that picture slightly better than the one (not shown) with Jack in the flapping flamingo pose. Thanks for sharing the memories! Love our family beach vacations!

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