Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grassery Store

Mom, do you want to come to my Grassery Store?

Me: Grocery Store?

Jolie: No. Grassery Store.

Me: GRO...CER....Y?

Jolie: GRASS...ER....Y

Why yes, I did. I've never been to a Grassery Store before.

Outside she had collected blades of grass, and was offering them to people for $2.00 a pop.

Now I don't want to get too excited, but if this venture goes well we may start posting on Ebay. They are really quality blades.


Jane said...

Tell Jolie I would like five of those quality blades. The check is in the mail.

Lorie said...

could she possibly be ANY cuter?!!

Svancara Family said...

looks like you have a natural business woman on your hands! too cute.

senategirl said...

What an extremely clever child to name it a grassery store.

Julie Knowlton said...

Does Jolie take credit cards?

Maryann said...

She is too cute. I want to spend a day with Jolie.

Robertson Clan said...

ill buy em!

Dawn said...

I can't believe how loooonnnnnggg that grass is! I think we'll go broke buying grass from Jolie, seeing as how we have all dirt in our front and back yard! Does she offer quantitiy discounts?

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