Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can't fix the economy.

But I can sure approve a giveaway!

The winner will receive a bailout package containing 6 of my favorite things:
1. Simplify Your Life by Elaine St. James

2. 1 Small Marseille Soap

3. Bows! - Three Adjustable Baby Headbands, &

4. Eight Medium Clippies, all packaged for gifting

5. Magic lotion (that's what I call it anyway). Your hands can be bleeding dry -
Put this on & they're baby bum soft, instantly. My favorite in history.

6. A $5 Gift Card to See's (Can't decide? May I suggest)

To enter, please leave a comment & share with me two of YOUR favorite things.

I will select the winner on Wednesday, 1/7, using an online random number generator.
(Offer good while supplies last, some restrictions may apply, see store for details...)
Good luck & Happy New Year!



Chris and Erin said...

Wow, I sure hope I win... My first favorite thing is nail polish. I have over 100 nail polishes in my collection. My second favorite thing is office supplies, in particular, colored pens. I hope I followed all of the rules of the contest! :) This is so fun!

Alison said...

What a cute giveaway...

Two of my favorite things are flip flops and Lush bath bombs!!!

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

I love homemade banners (birthday, halloween, christmas, etc.) and Bigelow & Co. chapped hands cream from Bath and Body Works.

quesetescapa said...

Is this for REAL! I hope it is really random so I won't get automatically kicked out for having the most superficial answer: My macbook and my ipod, hands down, no competition. If kids count I suppose I would pick them over the technology.

Katie and Jeff said...

Oh my goodness pick me, pick me! My favorite, my digital camera, I can take 200 pics and not feel guilty that only 5 turned out, and method all surface wipes, non toxic so I can give Bella a pac and 10 minutes later she is still having fun wiping and cleaning!

Leslie said...

Ooo! I want to play. First, I have come to love a good pedicure and am especially in need of one right now in my rather pregnant state. I also love comfy pjs. I can't seem to get too many sets of pajamas and I'm always looking for an excuse to buy new ones.

Happy New Year!

Lorie said...

You are too cute!

Two of my favorite things...the PedEgg. Seriously I use it every day!! I walk around barefoot WAY too much!

And my other...popcorn popped with coconut oil! It is yummy!

Those are so random!

ahe said...

Two of my favorites...My most favorite thing ever is my new macbook (I make-out with it nearly every night and Paul is jealous of the amount of time I spend with it) and magic eraser. Magic Eraser gives me the confidence to shower while I let my kid color.

Jeannie said...

It was hard narrowing it down to two things, but you know me, it always comes back to food!

#1 Stacy's Pita Chips http://www.pitachips.com/ I must force myself from eating them and avoid even looking at them when I go to Costco. (Bonus item-- to go with the chips: Trader Joe's original hummus.)

#2 Feast from the East Sesame Dressing. The best Chinese Chicken Salad dressing, hands down.

You're so creative, by the way!

Jane said...

Two of my favorite things are diet Pepsi and candy, both of which I will be giving up for the new year.

me said...

I would like to enter...two of my favorite things would have to be...
the cute hair bows from SANTA BARBARA BOWS, and I love caffeine free Diet Coke (I had to give up caffeine, and it wasn't even a "New Years Res")!

I'll keep my fingers crossed! Oh, and Jane sent me!

Henich Family said...

Two favorite things...(so hard to choose)

My new camera Nikon D60


Coke slurpee's which I am giving up this year!!!!

Happy New Year...

one of Jane's wardies!

KRISTA said...

I came over from Jane's bolg and I am so glad I did! I almost didn't out of embarrassment from the last time you were at my house. Your OJ post is the funniest ever. I love the picture of Jolie peeking to see how things are going with Santa. Smart girl.
My two favorite things are, anyplace it doesn't snow, and little kids giggling. Although, a close third would be anyone forgiving me for all of the times I put my foot in my mouth. Love your blog!

Holbrook Girls said...

This is such a COOL idea!!!
My first favorite thing is my love for holidays. Any excuse to get together with family and have good food is awesome.
My second favorite thing would be my computer. I love keeping in touch through blogs, email, etc. and updating my own!
Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Svancara Family said...

what a fun idea....well this will be hard cuz i'm pregnant and almost everything is my fav:) I will narrow it down to grape laffy-taffy and hot bubble baths!

Patrice said...

Two of my favorite things:

1. MUSIC! Especially new songs/artists I claim to have "discovered."

2. Tennis shoes and athletic apparel- Thanks to James, Sports Authority and Dicks are two of my favorite stores right now.

I'm crossing my fingers!

krissiecook said...

Hmm, tough to narrow it down. OK, here goes:

1. Getting to go home for Christmas in paradise (Santa Barbara).

2. Coming back to our new home and realizing it's pretty much paradise here in South Florida, too.

Kristin said...

1. Thump-Thump bailout packages
2. Jolie smelling yogurt flavored Patrice poo

R Clan said...

Had to hop on over after Jane said you had a give-a-way! I'm always up for a freebie.

I Love Chocolate (I am not giving it up for the New Year). My other favorite thing I just aquired at Christmas. The WII but especially WII Fit. It is so fun and it makes me laugh. Love it!

Breena said...

Favorite things:

Wagamama's Yasai Katsu Curry, dark chocolate, lobster tail and a good cheeseburger...

oh, and jeans with lots of spandex to accomodate the, um, expansion due to above mentioned favorites.

Brent, Lisa and Jordan Hall said...

First of all, I have to say Jane sent me! Let's see, two of my favorite things (right now!) are grandsons and holiday food!!

The Ripplingers said...

I love CHOCOLATE and getting a nap while no one else does - just a little selfish pleasure! You're amazing Katie! .....Heather

Laura said...

I have been thinking about your fancy soap ever since you blogged about it. Also its been like a year since Abby has received any new SBB's so we are due- and don't even get me started on NEVER receiving any flower clippies from my "BEST" friend. My first fave is the movie Serendipity, Santa left me in my stocking this Christmas. Which leads me to my next favorite thing(s) - Stocking Stuffers.

Emmers said...

My two fave things besides Joe and Maia:

Indian food from the Bombay House (Provo, UT)


Rainbow sandals (San Clemente, CA)

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy said...

Wow! You are so nice to give that away, and I think you should pick me. My favorite things are my family and the swap shop! I miss it everytime I see a garage sale, and can't see why people pay for that junk when we should just have a huge swapshop!

Dan and Melissa said...

I met you once when you were visiting your sister, Jane, over the summer! Jane is right...your blog is adorable! Your whole family are so talented (must be genetic;)
My favorite things are 1. foot rubs from my hubby and
2. CHOCOLATE! (I'm supposed to give this up but haven't yet!)

Allen and Amy Waples said...

Katie, I LOVE it!

Top of mind at this moment are watching with my kids jump and play on my bed after thier bathtime and Killer Rolls...I just heard they similar to Monkey Bread?? We make them on Christmas morning and I LOVE them!

Oh boy, I really hope I win! Even if I don't I think I am going to have to peruse that book...anything that starts with Simplify is my style at the moment. :)

Stacie Aho said...

Hey Katie! Jane sent me your way :) This is Stacie Aho (was Roberts- Krissy's sister). Your blog is so cute.

I wasn't going to post on this... but then I saw you were giving away bows AND see's candy and I couldn't resist. I'm pregnant with my first girl and I'm obsessed with See's! YUM! Your husband is a smartee to keep to the same thing every Valentines. I'm trying to teach mine...

I love See's Candy too and I love the book Mitten Strings For God by Katrina Kenison- so good.


Lisa said...

You gals are so cute!

One favorite thing of mine...easy, your hair bows. People tell me they will die of shock if they ever see my little girl with a naked head :) You make the best bows!

Favorite thing #2: the little white, pink and red sour balls that come out for Valentine's day. If you don't know what I'm talking about let me know and I will send you a bag!

Yes, Jane sent me, but I feel like must be friends because you like Jane and I like Jane so it works out!

muhansen said...

Hot diggity dawg! At first I thought your cute child was part of the giveaway, but alas, just the darling bows atop her head! Hey, I'll take 'em!

A coupla faves:

1. Trader Joe's Temptation Trail Mix
2. Cover's Apple Ranch Sour Cream Apple Pie (unfortunately, only available in my hometown in NorCal... sorry)

So I feel like I should say Jane sent me, but she didn't. I came just for you! Hugs.

Rileigh Anne said...

Cetaphil lotion and Kiehl's lip balm... and See's scotch kisses are my absolute favorites

D'Lonna said...

katie, you are so fun! i would love to be entered in your contest. Two of my favorites right now: Hershey Candy Cane kisses - This is the first Christmas I discovered them. I am already starting to get a nervous twitch since all the stores are clearing out. I also love warm bath with a good book. With it so cold, I settle in and only get out when my skin is extra pruney.

Loralie said...

ok, is this just a ploy to get more comments and see who reads your blog? :-) i think we have some similar favorite things. but my fave thing is my barefoot dreams cozy chic blanket (couldn't get through the winter w/o it) and dr. bronners lip balm. and newborn babies, dessert, going out to dinner with my husband, a clean house, a massage, and a hooded sweatshirt jacket.

Amy N said...

I'd better hurry and get in on this. My favorite things are any thing from www.sweetgrassonline.com, especially their natural and yummy smelling laundry soaps. (And they should pay me for this endorsement!)
My other favorite thing is Reese's peanut butter cups.

Chris, Pat, Kinley & Quinn said...

Two of my favorite things... Watching my two little girls sleeping.. they just look so peaceful and angelic all I want to do is hug and kiss them. Second favorite thing is anything lemon.. Specially if it is made by my sister-in-laws mother Barb DeGroff.

Maryann said...

Phew!! I made it in time! My favorites are fountain Diet Cokes and Dirty Girl Bubble Bath. (Sounds naughty, but smells unbelievable!)

Anonymous said...

Dianne Orr

Dawn said this was a great site!!!! TOO CUTE!!!

Two of my favorites . . .

#1 - Paradise Bakery cookies
#2 - In & Out chocolate shakes!!!!!

Nothing like a little comfort food to deal with the economy!

Anonymous said...

I need to do a giveaway...I never know what to give!! Maybe reading these comments will help me decide!!

Hmmm...two of my favorite things...
Outback on a date night with my hubby
girls nights with my ladies!

Andrea said...

Am I too late??
Two of my favorite things:
1) Adorable large baby bows by Katie
2) Flowers in girls' hair.

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