Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bailout Recipient

(Here is the part my attorney requires me to post)
39 Entries
Random Integer Generator
Timestamp: 2009-01-08 02:47:08 UTC
Here are your random numbers:23

(Here is the fun part)
The winner is.....LAURA!

Laura's package will be mailed to her. Because if she were to fly out to pick it up in a luxury, private, corporate jet, it just would not sit well with people.



Katie and Jeff said...

Laura, have I told you what a wonderful, beautiful, kind sister you are today . . . (hint, hint)

Jane said...

My "best" friend has NEVER commented on my blog and look what she gets when she does on yours. Maybe I would send her some flower clips if she would acknowledge my blog too. Whatever. (Seriously though, I have them all packaged and ready to send tomorrow. Looks like it's somebodys lucky week.)

me said...

Bummer, I thought that you commented on my blog to tell me that I won...that's too bad, I have a 7 month old baby that could really use some clips, her hair keeps getting in her eyes, it's that long. Seriously.

But on a "good sport" note...Congrats Laura. I guess.

Maryann said...

Oh brother!

Laura said...

yeah me!!! I am so excited!! yeah me!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dawn said...

I really need to get back into the blogging world. I can't believe I missed your giveaway. Even Dianne got in on your giveaway.

Oh well, I'm off to take down my Christmas decorations. I dreamed about Valentine's day decorations last night.

Lorie said...

Lucky Laura!!

Flem said...


But yay for nepotism!

Katie said...


I only WISH I was related to Laura!!

Emmers said...

Congrats Laura.

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