Friday, February 29, 2008

Jack's Guide to Valentine's Day

Jack could not mess up Valentines Day if he TRIED. We have a great system going...For years, he's kept a list in his wallet of my favorite Sees candy (which is my favorite of all favorites). On February 13th, he's given a 1 lb gift certificate. Literally, all he has to do is

(1) Drive to Sees
(2) Present these two vital documents.

He's very good at this, and even takes the girls along as an added bonus. Everybody wins.

For those keeping score...My favorites (in order) are:
1. Butterscotch Square 2. Caramel 3. Pecan Buds
4. Milk Bordeaux 5. Milk Pattie 6. Cashew Brittle
7. Milk Chocolate Butter 8. Chelsea 8. Vanilla Nut Caramel
9. Vanilla Nut Cream 10. Milk Buttercream

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