Friday, February 13, 2009

Arizona: It's in the Bag

Thank you for playing name that tune. Dare I say it was as fun as blog charades??

Based on your comments (confessions), I think it's safe to conclude that an Arizona native's
ability to function as an adult, is determined by whether or not they won a Ladmo Bag as a child.

I don't want to diminish the sacrifice and rearing of my parents, but...My siblings and I did
win THREE in 1984. I'm just saying.

I realize that not everyone was as fortunate, and am inspired by the ladmobagless who
have gone on to make good lives for themselves.

Take Jack's brother Todd, for instance. Very successful. Never won a Ladmo Bag,
but did wear a Ladmo costume in high school.

Today, regardless of the row and aisle in which you're seated, everybody wins -
the following video. But first, a word of warning:

Unless you've emotionally prepared, do not google "Ladmo Bag," like Jack did.
Turns out our ultimate childhood ambition was nothing more than a brown paper sack stuffed with Cracker Jacks, HoHos, and a soda from Basha's. I haven't been that disillusioned since I visited Encanto Park as an adult.

Some things are better left the way you remember them.
Enjoy, kids.


Susan said...

You won a Ladmo bag when you were five years old. That means you had experienced FIVE amazing Christmas's, birthdays, Halloweens, Easter's, Valentine's Day, summer trips to Greer and 2 Disneyland vacations. The day you won your Ladmo bag, you wrote your first journal entry. It stated, "Today is the best day of my life!"

That either sums up the magic of a Ladmo bag or it's a discourse on our parenting.

Jane said...

You are right, I googled Ladmo Bag and saw what was in it. So funny how things look different as an adult. I haven't been to Encanto since I was at a birthday party. I don't think I will ever go, in my head it was almost as good as Disneyland.

Lorie said...

Katie, your mom cracks me up!!

Julie Knowlton said...

I feel WAY too left out right now.

Allen and Amy Waples said...

I was a proud recipient of a Ladmo Bag and I can remember it felt like I had won a million bucks! I will not be "googling" it to see what was really in those bags.

Pat McMahon still has a talk show on a small local channel and when I see him I still picture Gerald from the show.

And I agree, I wish I never went back to Encanto Park. It was nothing like I remembered it as a kid...

Kristin said...

First Google site that pops up says this, AND I QUOTE,

"After 25 years of dreaming of getting a Ladmo Bag, I finally won one at the Wallace and Ladmo Stage dedication at the Arizona State Fair in 1994. A dream that came true, my life is now complete. Of course, I have not eaten anything out of the bag. One day when I can afford it, I will put it in a casing to keep forever and to one day show off to my future children and grandchildren."

On behalf of all non-natives, I think I'm entitled to ask the question: WHAT THUH...??

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