Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Next Question?

Anyone who thinks a journalism degree is wasted on a stay-at-home mom,
ought to spend the day with my 4-year old.


At one point when I was younger, my dream job (and I dreamed *big*) was to work as a White House Press Secretary. Lately there are days I swear I've landed the gig, albeit with a few minor variations...

Instead of standing behind a podium, for instance, I'm usually bouncing a newborn while pushing a toddler on the swing. Also, rather than being grilled by White House correspondents, my press corps consists solely of one very inquisitive, curly-haired preschooler.

But that's if you want to get technical.

Other than that, there's virtually no difference - Jolie may not care why the US is in Iraq, but she does demand to know why our family hasn't been to Disneyland since September. Sure, she's oblivious to the recession. But she has asked me to explain why we can't afford gymnastics lessons.

Health care reform? "Can we fix my cough with a popsicle, instead of medicine?"

Energy plan? "Why can't I put gas in the car?"

Housing crisis? "How come we don't have a backyard?"

Last week during one of our press briefings (press briefings occur when she follows me around the kitchen while I'm trying to make dinner), she threw me a curveball.

"Mom, When you were on American Idol, did you go to Hollywood?"

I told her I've never been on American Idol.

"When Dad was on American Idol, did he go to Hollywood?"

Maybe I should let her down gently.

"Honey, your dad has never been on American Idol either."

She seemed disappointed. For a brief moment, I actually felt guilty for not auditioning.

That has to be a tough awakening - For 4 years you believe your parents hung the moon, only to wake up one day and discover they've never even stood before Paula, Simon and Randy.
It was not what she wanted to hear.

But I had to be honest.

Otherwise, that Ethics in Journalism course was a waste of tuition.


Katie and Jeff said...

Some of us still hope and pray that we'll see you as a journalist, and any President would be lucky to have you as their Press Secretary . . . if Jolie doesn't beat you there, with those looks, and those questions, she's honing her interview skills, it's in her blood!

Flem said...

I love it--and I also love that she is oblivious to the fact that the show has only been around for the last 8 years.

And as to dream jobs, she seems more the Barbara Walters type--ask the touch questions and then hold them to it.

Susan said...

When she's older, you can tell her how you interviewed Larry King at the RNC in San Diego.

Never mind---she'll just say who???

krissiecook said...

Maybe you could tell her you never tried out for AI because you were too busy practicing your routine for Soul Train.

Jane said...

I think being the familes press secretary sounds much more fun then being Regis's co-host. I still think you should have won.

Taylor and Jodi said...

I found your blog, so funny!

Jeannie said...

At least she didn't ask when you were on The Biggest Loser.

Your skills are amazing, Katie! Next up: Peace Negotiations/Cease Fire (re: the teenage years)

Maryann said...

Oh Katie, you are brillant. I love reading your blog.

Lorie said...

She is so stinking cute! And I am sorry that you never made it to Hollywood, but even sorrier that you haven't been to Disneyland since September! That is a crime! I think you need to call Grandpa Jack!

Dawn said...

Love the shades Jolie! That kid fits right into Hollywood!

You can join us at Disneyland - if you're still in California this fall that is.

Dawn said...

By the way, make sure you tell Jolie that her Aunt Dawn worked for Wolfgang Puck. That'll impress her!

Emmers said...


Svancara Family said...

she is seriously the cutest little girl ever!

Aileen said...

I CANNOT stop looking at Jolie's face and her eyes through those glasses! She's working the camera like no tomorrow. When are you going to get sponsors for you blog? Seriously! It provides many with much entertainment....might as well get paid for it.

Courtney Vance said...

I love it Kate. I can't decide if she's going to be in politics or entertainment.

Jane said...

I know I already made a comment on this post, but we need to talk about that picture of Jolie. Seriously. Put her on a plane to auntie Jane's house already.

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