Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jack Needs a Girlfriend

Aside from getting A's in college (well mostly), never having a cavity, and giving birth to three beautiful children, the thing I am most proud of is the fact that I have blogged for an entire year without once participating in a "tag."

But this one was kind of fun.

Have you tried it?

Google "(Your name) needs," and share the first 10 results.

(PS. Jack wins.)

1. Katie needs hula lessons
2. Katie needs IV fluids
3. Katie needs to work on her posture
4. Katie needs to be on her own
5. Katie needs to use the litter pan
6. Katie needs parenting classes
7. Katie needs you
8. Katie needs to hit the reset button
9. Katie needs a life
10. Katie needs to make more movies

1. Jack needs a girlfriend
2. Jack needs Viagra
3. Jack needs a campaign slogan
4. Jack needs to figure out how to pre-publish content
5. Jack needs his Jill
6. Jack needs Chloe
7. Jack needs a home in San Diego
8. Jack your help
9. Jack needs a ride
10. Jack needs months to recover (I would say so)

Alright...All aboard the tagwagon!

What do YOU need?

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