Friday, February 29, 2008

Jolie's Three Best Quotes

Are all kids this funny?

1. I was taking she and Leah for a bike ride when Kayla, a neighbor her age, came wailing by us, crying and throwing quite a fit. Jolie watched her pass, flipped her hair and announced, "Kayla needs to get baptized."

2. A few months ago we went to UT to visit the Basingers. It was the first time Jolie had seen baby Addie wearing her orthopaedic shoes, which are attached by a long metal plate. She examined them curiously. Then she crouched down to Addie's level, put an arm around her & said, "Oh! Do you LOVE to skateboard?"

3. When we were in Hawaii, Grandma Daneille bought Jolie a hula skirt and matching tube top. She repeatedly insisted on pulling the top down and exposing herself. Finally, Jack got firm with her and tried to explain the concept of modesty, "Jolie. You have to cover up your nipples." She looked him in the eye, yanked it back down and said, "No, Daddy. Cover DOWN my nipples."

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