Saturday, June 21, 2008

SIMPLE Party Ideas

Last week, Jolie invited a few neigbors over for what she called a "Dream Come True Party." Because our budget is called "Daddy's a Grad Student," I came up with a few inexpensive ideas. The girls loved them, so I thought I'd share...

1. Paper Clip Pendants - First, guests dug through sand to find magical jewels. I bought a package of flat-backed rhinestones from the craft store, then hot glued a paper clip between two of them. Voila! Dream come true pendants

2. Jolie Memory - I let Jolie choose pictures from the internet to print out and make into giant memory cards. Then I glued pictures of cupcakes onto the backs, and taped them to a wall. Guests took turns flipping the cards up and looking for matches. Dream come true game!

3. Jack's off the Hook Treasure Hunt: We love treasure hunts. It's usually Jack's job to draw the clues (he's very good at it), but this time we simpified...I took Jolie outside with the digital camera, and let her snap pictures of hiding places. We printed them out, and voila! Dream come true clues.

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