Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well THAT wasn't very nice

This morning I got up at 6:00 and spent 2 hours baking. According to my plan, everyone (we're at the Brackens - that's 10 people) would get up around 8:30, the house would smell like homemade cinnamon rolls, and I would be sort of a hero.

At 8:30 everyone got up.

The house smelled like homemade cinnamon rolls.

And then I remembered it was fast Sunday.

Because I can't fast, I ate my homemade cinnamon roll and enjoyed it very much. So much, in fact, that my altruism was quickly forgotten. Besides, I don't want to name names but some people (Jack) ate one anyway.

On a brighter note, Aileen bought Jolie & Hallie matching dresses for Church.


Holbrook Girls said...

Those cinnamon rolls sound fabulous. I love their matching dresses. So cute!

Lorie said...

Oh my! They could be twins! Well except for the age difference! So cute!!

Dawn said...

They look like spring flowers in the garden - so cute!

Ya know Katie, I probably would have joined you with the cinnamon roll. You can fast any day, but you can't have a yummy homemade, straight from the oven roll any day!

Jane said...

I am sure Jolie was in her glory matching everyone's favorite cousin, Hallie girl! There isn't anything in the scriptures about not eating homeade cinnamon rolls on fast sunday, is there? I would have had one too, and like Dawns said, you can fast any ol' day!

Dana Mania said...

Don't you just love having an excuse to eat on fast Sunday? ;) I guess that's one good thing about being pregnant!

Alison said...

Beautiful girls!! Beautiful dresses!

Homemade cinnamon rolls... I'm jealous! And impressed!

Susan said...

Hurray for Jack---I just love that he is having "sympathy pregnancy symptoms"!

Lisa Hall said...

Katie!! Hi!! Lisa (Wood) Hall here!!! I am so glad to have found you guys. Your kids are all so totally adorable it's silly! My girls are already trying to steal baby girls names from your web sites! I noticed you do ribbons - thought you might like this web site: It belongs to a really nice girl in my ward!
Love ya! Congrats on the new baby!


D'Lonna said...

What an awesome sister! Or was this just another way to tease?

I love how cute little girls are in matching dresses. They look like little dollies!!

Leslie said...

Most of pregnancy is not a whole lot of fun, but the not having to fast part is great (that is, after the puking subsides).

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